Our Model

Our firm was created in 2010 with this goal: to provide outstanding legal services and practical business solutions to our clients, on time and on budget. Most law firms today have failed their clients in two important areas: price and practicality. In terms of price, we firmly believe that traditional law firms have a broken business model. The standard billable hour model incentivizes billing more hours, increasing staff assigned to projects, and examining every legal nuance (and billing accordingly) without weighing the business needs or budget requirements of the client. This model is not designed to deliver legal services at a reasonable price point. As a former General Counsel, Nick Day has first-hand experience with the frustration associated with traditional law firm billing and the related inefficiencies of their services.

In terms of practicality, traditional law firms often have attorneys with little or no real-world business experience. Without it, they are challenged to see beyond the technical legal issues and effectively grasp the business and strategic objectives behind decision-making. Without it, they do not fully understand how to work effectively with Boards of Directors, executive management, and business development and finance department leadership. As specialists in specific areas of the law, large firm partners often feel the need to bring in other specialist from the firm for advice, adding significant dollars to client invoices, but not always the value a client might expect from the additional expense.

Our team has the experience to deliver practical advice, and the low overhead and technical expertise to deliver on price. As a former General Counsel with responsibility for a budget, Nick Day knows how to deliver on one. Quality, speed and value, our commitment to our clients is to deliver on all three.